She found herself living out of her suitcase after she became ‘homeless’ at thirteen only to find out later that this world, anyway, is not our home.

Ever since, she has fed on His grace to create a oneofherkind life. Her childhood was spent in theatre and dance schools, before she found accidental crowning glories as an athlete in her teens. She left the rat race at seventeen. With a Liberal Arts education, you can either see life as fully capable of doing nothing professional or wildly open to everything anything possible.

Braving London as a hippie bohemian sports journalist at twenty-two, she chose the latter.

Because she remembers waking up on the first day of 2005 — the twentieth year of her existence — in an overnight train from Adelaide to Melbourne. Alone. It was summer vacation; she had been living in Melbourne for three years then but it was her first spontaneous solo trip. When the train slowly pulled into Melbourne’s then-Spencer Street station, she felt like she had conquered something big (and never felt more like Blossom of The Powerpuff Girls, her other childhood heroine next to Pippi Longstocking). But in that moment she didn’t have the audacity to think it’d set her up on something way bigger.

That, will be her entire life. 就也许人生的过程是一个梦想接着另一个梦想。只要还有梦想,就不怕找不到下一站。勇敢就好。

Twelve years, 37 countries and 9 homes later, she remains perpetually curious and resistant to just another nine-to-five desk job. Re-imagining modern day tentmaking, she spent her twenties working across four continents in some of the best cities in the world and moving whenever He moves her heart.

Pioneering non-profits, college teaching, strategy consulting, gallivanting in a range of sports media jobs from digital journalism to TV production – and working alongside presidents, royalties, celebrities – all but running on an unstoppable imagination and knowing she will always find a way or make one.

Still she found herself in for more unbridled adventure when she serendipitously met the man of her dreams who literally swept her off her flighty feet in 2014 (with his charming Korean not sold separately). In five months, they were engaged and well-married four months after. Today they dream together in ministry and in adventure in their unexpected home of Colorado Springs !